Free Your Soul

A compassionate, restorative, and safe space dedicated to guiding you on your healing journey. Using all-natural tools in the human body, including Breathwork and the innovative technique TRE®, you can learn to activate an innate therapeutic tremor mechanism in your body empowering you to let go of trauma, stress or tension, allowing for deep relaxation in your muscles that naturally calm down your nervous system.


Are you overwhelmed trying to meet demands of everyday life?


Pause, Breathe & Release

My sessions guide you to feel safer in your body, helping you to trust your intuition and to look within yourself for guidance, wisdom and support.

I am Carolanne Hall Depeyre, creator of Free Your Soul. Educated in healing trauma through accreditation as a Certified TRE® Provider and Certified Breathwork Facilitator, I also bring embodied practices and experience from personal trauma evolution. 

My healing sessions combine the innovative techniques of TRE® and Breathwork with the practice of mindful self-compassion and grounding techniques to calm your nervous system, helping you to feel safer and more connected to your inner self.

Think of your body as your home – your sacred, safe haven holding all your precious belongings including your body, mind and soul. In order for your home to be stable, secure and function properly, your home needs to be nourished, maintained, restored, and released of items that no longer serve a purpose. You would not let your home decay or erode and neither should your body.

TRE® and Breathwork help to maintain, restore and release your body from the stress and tension it has been carrying throughout your life. My sessions can be tailored to meet your needs, by guiding you to release the stress or tension from your body in a natural manner, at your own pace.

How can I help?

Perhaps you suffer from general aches and pains, chronic illness or Burnout and long for greater freedom, flexibility and ease of movement in your body? Or suffer from anxiety or are emotionally challenged and seek to free yourself from living with accumulated emotional stress from your daily life or trauma from your past?

Allow me to take you on a remarkable journey inwards, to help you release the tension and stress retained by your body, freeing your mind from judgemental thoughts and bringing more self-compassion to your daily life that will allow you to be more in touch with your true authentic self.

Your health and well-being are priceless. Learning how to naturally relieve stress and tension from your body in a manner that you can apply yourself for the rest of your life is an investment your body, mind and soul will thank you for. 

Choose to enhance your health and well-being today.



It was remarkable to quickly see the positive impact on my approach to life, my relationship to time generally and to handling pressure and stress. A far better sleep, more wisdom and calm in complicated situations, relaxation and serenity.


“After the TRE® session, I went home and had the best nights´ sleep I´ve had in a very long time. Thank you for introducing me to TRE®, it was enlightening!”


Free Your Soul’s TRE® course was wonderful. It profoundly helped me to release built-up stress. Carolanne is a skilled instructor, who exudes compassion, warmth, and calmness. I would HIGHLY recommend working with her.


“At the beginning of the TRE® session, I was answering questions with my mind. By the end of the session, I was answering with my body!”

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I have come to realise that when you embody the feeling of safety within yourself, you can be anywhere in the world, with anyone, and feel truly at home. Where is home?...