About Me

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

My name is Carolanne Hall Depeyre and I am a Free Soul.

I am passionate about living life fully – joyfully, mindfully, gracefully! Today I live free from the pain of suffering, free from the aches of stress or tension in the body, or heavy emotions weighing me down… but this has not always been the case.


Originally from a small coastal town in Fife, Scotland, I was fortunate to travel to various countries discovering cultures and meeting wonderful people over 2 decades, before finding my way back to the hills and glens of Scotland.

From a very young age, I was a competitive dancer, and I am no stranger to performing on a stage or being judged and criticised. I gave up competitive dancing late into my adolescence when I was no longer meeting my high expectations. I spent two decades not doing the most familiar activity that made me feel alive and helped me feel grounded and safe in my body.

I found other modalities to express my creative side such as running, yoga and writing but it was when I returned to dance late into my thirties that I realised I feel most alive when I am dancing freely!

I am also a mother to two beautiful children which has developed my innate compassionate nature that is welcoming and nurturing.

I created the healing space Free Your Soul in 2021, in what I call my year of post-traumatic growth. 2020 was a traumatic yet transformational year for me, from Burnout at the start of the year, followed soon after by a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ending in surgery, and with a rollercoaster journey in between! And I haven’t even mentioned the global trauma the world suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Suffering is part of being human. Regardless of race, age, or religion, everyone will suffer at times. But I was introduced to suffering in a way I had not experienced before. Physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain that prevented me from even the simplest of tasks like reading a book, brushing my teeth, or taking a shower.

Although 2020 was a very challenging year for everyone, recovering from Burnout was my biggest challenge. A slow and painful journey with many unsteady paths, but transformational all the while. I had to rebuild myself again – mentally, physically and emotionally. And this time I did it my way – not the way I was once conditioned by society.

I was introduced to TRE® as a way of finding ground again, helping me to self-regulate my nervous system in stressful moments. And through the technique of TRE® I was able to recover and rise from Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Thanks to regular TRE® practise I feel safer in my body, I learnt to trust my intuition, and I am better equipped to avoid states of overwhelm. My relationships are improved and I can relieve tension from my body in the moment, rather than accumulate and cause me to suffer physically, emotionally and mentally. 

In building myself again, I became a Free Soul. And today I am committed to helping YOU to find the path that guides you through the fog to clarity and freedom.

What does it mean to

Free Your Soul?


Become mindful of the present moment, realising life is not a movie, but a single frame.


A clearer, more focussed mind, free from being weighed down by thoughts.


Feel lighter and more spacious in the body, free from tension and stress.


Trust your body for answers and guidance, realising wisdom comes from within you.


Tune into your true authentic self, no longer conditioned by society expecting you to act in a socially-acceptable way.


Forgive yourself and others for all hurtful events of the past.


Surrender in the moment to old behavioural patterns arising from fear, trying to protect you from failure.


Let things be as they are, passing through, rather than attaching to you causing frustration.


Wisdom only comes through suffering