Learning from a Certified TRE® Provider like me, helps you to reawaken this natural tremor reflex in a controlled and safe environment. Depending on past trauma, many people only need a minimum of 4 sessions, then feel confident to start to practise at home. 

Free Your Soul offers a 4-session Introduction to TRE® & Grounding course, available online too. For more information or to sign up, go to the Booking section. In this course, you will learn how to self-regulate your nervous system avoiding any unnecessary overwhelm.

In the beginning, it is recommended to tremor for no longer than 15 mins, with pauses, about 2-4 times a week, and never two days in a row allowing the body time to integrate this new experience. This is merely a guide so go with your own flow – for some, only a few minutes tremor time is enough, whilst for others 10-15 minutes is ideal.

Once a regular practice has been established, you may increase the frequency to your own desire. However, just be cautious of signs of doing too much (such as becoming more irritated or more tired than normal). Listen to your body tell you when it’s ready to tremor and when it is ready to rest.

What if I am feeling overwhelmed in the days following TRE® practice?

It is never recommended to do more TRE® than you are able to handle emotionally, physically or mentally. Feeling overwhelmed in the days following a session is generally a sign of overdoing it and have not yet become aware of your body and nervous system giving you signals of enough shaking. If this happens, observe it as learning rather than judge yourself for doing too much. Rest and do not do another session until you feel more grounded.

Practising with me, a Certified TRE® Provider, will help you to notice signs of your body resisting and when to notice your body has had enough shaking. When you feel ready to do another session, try reducing the timing and take more frequent pauses. It need not be a sign to stop practising TRE® completely. With TRE®, less is more.

Why am I not shaking?

Learning TRE® will likely be a new experience at first as you learn to quieten down the mind to let the body do the work. Practising the exercises slowly and steadily helps you to feel the experience more in the body, allowing you to trust your body more.

With my guidance, you can shake in a safe and controlled environment, at your own pace. Patience and perseverance is key to inviting the tremors into your body. It may not only be tremors or shaking you experience. It can be movement through the body, heat in the body, yawning, or crying. You may even experience an emotional release to remove a blockage of tightly held emotions that may make you cry or laugh.

What time of the day is best to practice TRE®?

The time of day to practise TRE® is really best explored in the beginning as it is uniquely individual. Those who find TRE® energising tend to practise in the mornings or afternoons, while some prefer to practise at the end of the day to relax them and assist with deeper sleep. It is also best to wait a while after a meal time so that your body is not already using up a lot of energy processing a meal. I would suggest that you be curious and try at different times of the day to notice the different effects this has on your body and nervous system.

Can I listen to music while practising TRE®?

Music is vibration. Our nervous system responds to vibration, whether it be my voice during a private session, or the voices of other participants in a group setting, or listening to music whilst you practise TRE® alone. 

Music is known to enhance your TRE® experience whilst your own nervous system reacts to the vibrations of sound in the space where you are practising. In saying that, in the beginning, it is good to practice TRE® without sound so you can integrate the experience fully, without distractions.

Once a TRE® practice is developed, it can be an opportunity to be curious with music and sound whilst practising TRE® to notice how your nervous system responds to different types of music. Soft music can make some feel relaxed and calm, whilst putting others to sleep. Louder and more powerful music can enhance the tremors. Different types of instruments can have a different effect on the nervous system responses too. Always be cautious of your tremors overwhelming you. Self-regulate by taking pauses and applying grounding techniques, which I teach during my sessions.

Is there any point in attending a group session if I already tremor regularly?

Once your TRE® practice is developed, practising in a group setting can really be a chance to be explorative and curious with your tremor pattern. Firstly, in a group setting, there is more energy in the room (or virtual room) and it is an opportunity to share with others your experience, and listen to and learn from others´ experiences. This can make you feel more relaxed and safe, in the company of Carolanne and other participants.

Voices are vibrations and therefore the nervous system can respond differently in a group setting as we talk and listen to the vibrations of others in the group. It can be very reassuring to be guided by Carolanne and talk through the tremor patterns with the group. A lot can be absorbed being in a group setting and it is a chance to be guided and practise differently to what you are used to doing.

If you would like to experience TRE®, please contact Free Your Soul for a FREE 15-minute consultation or book a course or TRE® session via the Booking page.