Burnout Was A Blessing In Disguise

“For me, Burnout was a blessing,

for it forced me to make changes in my

life to enrich and enhance my mental,

physical and emotional well-being.”

Carolanne Hall

What led me to Burnout…

Before burning out, I was a single mother working as a business professional and entrepreneur in a stressful, performance-driven environment. With a longing to succeed, I was swept along in an overworking culture and often abused my mental and physical health in order to be seen as reliable, hard-working and a marker for success. 

I would often bring my work into my personal life. I would work late evenings, sometimes into the small hours, then get up early to work again in order to meet deadlines. This gradually became the norm. Being an entrepreneur, I felt pressured to always say yes to clients, which meant saying no to me.

I used to people-please and found it difficult to say no for fear of conflict or rejection. So I made sure everyone around me was happy because that made me happy.

I used to put the needs of others before my own, over-work to meet their demands and chase the clock to make appointments and meet deadlines.

I was always saying yes to not let people down, feeling lost or guilty when I took time to myself and looked outside myself for answers and guidance.

I doubted myself and my ability to make the right decision, didn’t listen to my body giving me warnings and allowed aches and pains to become the norm.

But I still did yoga, ate well and stayed in shape… so I was taking care of myself, right???

Saying yes to everyone around me meant saying no to myself. “Yes, I can work later to make the deadline and not let the team down”, so “No, I cannot take care of myself and unwind at the yoga class that night”. 

I was living my life in stress mode so much that when I did take some time to myself to relax and unwind I became lost and dissociated. I constantly had thoughts that made me relive the past and worry about the future, feeling disconnected and alone in the present moment.

My immune system was so fragile from living in stress mode all the time, I would become unwell, run-down and exhausted quickly. I was constantly unwell like I had never been before and my digestion was so dysfunctional that no matter what change I made to my diet, I still experienced discomfort from undigested emotions.

This rollercoaster I found myself on was heading me to Burnout fast. No longer able to regulate my emotions, I found myself crying over simple things or feeling threatened by everyone and everything. It was damaging to myself and my relationships with others. I was no longer in control of my life and my body was giving me signs that I was in way too deep to do this alone.

My therapist introduced me to the practice of Mindful Self-Compassion and I learned to be kind to myself like I had been kind to all others whose needs I had been putting above my own. Mindfulness helped me connect and trust my body again.

My road to recovery…

The universe reintroduced me to a distant friend at a time when I was lost and disconnected trying to recover from Burnout and live with symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It was through this friend I found and began an incredible journey with TRE® (Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises).

I was immediately interested in one of the first benefits of TRE® – learning how to ground and self-regulate my nervous system. At a period when I was so ungrounded and disconnected, this was my saving grace. But for me TRE® is more than just calming my nervous system, for being educated on trauma I realised I had suffered trauma, and I learned that I could release the tension from this trauma from my body naturally.

TRE® has helped me feel a connection with my body again, after decades of living in my head and being misguided by my over-nice personality and people-pleasing former self.

Through my education on Mindful Self-Compassion I have learned to be kind and compassionate to myself, to comfort myself like I would a close friend, to be grateful for my inner self-critic trying to protect me from failure and let go without judging the old behavioural patterns failing to protect me any longer. 

By putting my needs before others, for the first time in my life, I can better provide for others (like putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before attending to others). My relationships have improved and I have less reaction times in the face of stress.

Thanks to regular TRE® practice, I feel safer in my body. I am better equipped to self-regulate my nervous system, avoiding states of overwhelm and have less reaction time in the face of stress. I am now able to keep calm in the middle of the storm. 

TRE® has helped me recover from Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by releasing years and years of pent-up stress and tension from my body. I feel lighter, more spacious and have the freedom to be closer to my true authentic self.
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